Version 1.1.0
for Windows PC
The Most Advanced Anti-Fingerprint Browser

Anti-Fingerprints Features

"we are always keeping up with the technology of the browser, updates will be available soon as we discover the latest fingerprint techniques."


All of JS Navigator Object will spoofed, adjusted to the browser profile.

Canvas Image

Real canvas fingerprint will be hidden with noise.

WebGL Image

Real WebGL fingerprint will be hidden with noise.

WebGL Metadata

WebGL Vendor and Renderer parameters will be altered with real GPU vendor informations.

Browser Plugins

Browser Plugins (eg. Native client, Widevine Content Decryption Module ... etc) will be disabled. The website can still see them but can not actually access it.


WebRTC functionality can be blocked or Altered, alternation data: Local IP address, Public IP address (adjusted to proxy used), Media device numbers and hashes.


Timezone can be automatically changed, based on IP geolocation.

Media devices

Fake media devices (audio input/output, video input/output) will be emulated.

Geolocation API

Geolocation will be adjusted with your public IP, the mandatory feature if you use proxy.

Fonts List

Unique random list of fonts will be emulated, adapted to the OS profile.

Font Metric

Whether the css or canvas methods used by websites, they will be not know what actual fonts installed on your computer except those that have been emulated.

Audio Context API

Real AudioContext fingerprint will be hidden with noise.

Speech Synthesis

Speech Synthesis API can be disabled.

Passed Tester

"We eat any browser fingerprint tester"

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